Life Insurance

Life insurance offers you peace of mind that your family will be financially secure should anything happen. Our team can help provide you with the assurance that your family will be provided for. 

We'll help you take care of the people who rely on you, no matter what.

No one can predict the future, but making smart decisions now can help safeguard it.

With life insurance, you can provide financial security and income for those you name as beneficiaries, pay debts and final expenses, or leave a legacy for your loved ones or charitable organizations that matter to you.

When Canadians purchase life insurance, they typically do so to prevent financial hardships for their families in the event a household income-earner passes away.

With the loss of an income, financial obligations like mortgage/debt payments, living expenses, childcare and education can become burdensome or even impossible to manage for the family left behind.

Life insurance eases that burden for many. 

For the financially stable, life insurance can be used to preserve wealth and leave a legacy.

In fact, life insurance is just as important for wealthy individuals because they may face increased tax obligations upon death.

At Youngs Insurance in Grimsby, Joseph Fontana and his team work with the largest and most prestigious insurance companies in Canada – names you can trust – to ensure you get the best product and premium.

Life Insurance in Grimsby, Ontario

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